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So today is the final results of my 10-Day Purium cleanse. WOO-HOO!! Man, I can’t believe the results I got. In this video I share of lot of my experiences and even some “behind-the-scenes” stuff that I was going through that could’ve derailed the whole thing. But God is good (all the time) and He gave me the strength to persevere to the end.

Final Results:
Weight – 250 – Lost 14.2 lbs

Final Weight - 250lbs

Final Weight – 250lbs

Blood Sugar – 128 – Dropped 178

Final Blood Sugar - 128

Final Blood Sugar – 128

Waist – 48.5″ – Lost 2″

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WE’VE MADE IT, WOO-HOO!!! I can’t believe it’s day 10 already. Actually, it’s been an interesting ride. I weighed myself and today I’m 250, that’s 14+ pounds lost! I didn’t test my blood sugar today because I only have 1 testing strip left. I want to save it for tomorrow’s “results” day. Tomorrow is the final weight-in and blood test as well as the before and after photos.

But I want to tell you about something interesting that also happened to me with my eyesight. Watch the video to find out what. Disclaimer: this is happening to me, I’m describing my experience with Purium. You may not experience the same as me (but I sure hope you do!).

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Today is day 9, and I’m still losing…maybe…I don’t know. My scale is NOT WORKING…argh. Also, I only have 1 more testing strip for my blood sugar. My blood sugar is down to 141, but I have no idea how much I actually weight. Watch the video and leave a comment. Later.

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In this 8th video I talk about day 7’s results and my experiences. What do you do when you are traveling and you are on a special diet? Check it out:

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Day 6’s results are in, and they are…surprising. I actually GAINED some weight and my blood sugar went up! Unfortunately I took the pictures on my iPad which I left at home (more on that in tomorrow’s) blog. Anyways, check out the video for possible explanations as to why I might have gained. Bottom line: STAY THE COURSE.

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Hey all, here is day 6’s video. Man, I am ON A ROLL with this Purium stuff. I’ve never thought I’d get this far because I’ve never been able to before. But I’ve done it, or I’m doing it. Watch the video, let me know what you think in the comments.

Today’s Numbers:
Weight: 256.8 lbs
Down 1lb from yesterday.
Total lost: 7.6lbs!!!

Day 6 Weight - 256.8lbs

Day 6 Weight – 256.8lbs

Blood Sugar: 166
Down 15 from yesterday.
Total Down: 140

Day 6 Blood Sugar - 166

Day 6 Blood Sugar – 166

If I can do this, so can you. Who is interested in taking their health back? Leave a comment.

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Day 5, half-way there, and I’m feeling AWESOME. Watch the video to hear how, especially if you have diabetes, some FANTASTIC results so far!

Today’s Numbers:
Weight: 257.8lbs
Down .6 lbs
Total lost: 6.6 lbs in 4 days, WOO-HOO!!

Day 5 Weight - 257.8 lbs

Day 5 Weight – 257.8 lbs

Blood Sugar: 181
Down 125!!! YEAH!!! Praise Jesus!

Day 5 Blood Sugar - 181

Day 5 Blood Sugar – 181

I have not had my blood sugar below 200 for a VERY long time. Thank God for Purium!

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Today I talk about what else you can eat with the Purium products as well as an update on how things are going.

Today’s Numbers:

Weight – 258.4 lbs
Down 1.4lbs
6lbs total in 3 days!!

Day 4 Weight - 258.4 lbs

Day 4 Weight – 258.4 lbs

Blood Sugar – 247
Up 18 suprizingly. ;-(

Day 4 Blood Sugar - 247

Day 4 Blood Sugar – 247

Didn’t expect the bump in blood sugar, but overall it’s on the downward trend, so I’m good.

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Today I talk about my Day 2 experiences and reveal what I am actually eating on the Purium 10-Day Cleanse. For more details, go to the . Here’s the video:

Today’s numbers:

Weight – 259.8 lbs
1.4 lbs lost!
4.6 lbs total in two days!!

Day 3 Weight - 259.8

Day 3 Weight – 259.8

Blood Sugar – 229
Down 62!
Down 75 in two days!!

Day 3  Blood Sugar - 229

Day 3 Blood Sugar – 229

I think there’s something to this Purium stuff!

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So today is Day 2 (sorry, I’m actually posting this a day late). Day 1’s experience was a little rough. The food wasn’t exactly tasty to be honest. A few times I felt I was going to hurl, but I kept it down. Here’s the video, see below for my results after Day 1:

Today’s Numbers:

Weight – 261.2 lbs
3.2 lbs lost!

Day 2 Weight - 261.2 lbs

Day 2 Weight – 261.2 lbs

Blood Sugar – 291
Down 15!

Day 2 Blood Sugar - 291

Day 2 Blood Sugar – 291

Can’t wait to see how much I lose tomorrow…this is going to be awesome!

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