My Story…so far.

Marq-Paul is an instrumental guitarist in the style of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Paul Gilbert.  Marq-Paul melds many styles of music into a web of compositions, blending music from latin swing to drum & bass to arena rock to the avant garde.  He is always trying to push the limits of what can be done in instrumental music while bringing a fantastic live show to his audiences.  As a result of his efforts, Marq-Paul was a finalist for the “Instrumental Artist of the Year” Momentum Award, 2008, “Rock Artist of the Year” Momentum Award,2009 CIA Alliance |, and also as a store finalist for a recent Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues” competition!

Marq-Paul is also a score composer, scoring multiple short-films for 48Hour Film Project teams in Baltimore and Washington D.C.  He recently won an award for Best Score for his 48HFP film score to “Under My Skin”.

Marq-Paul has been playing music since he was 10 years old. Starting on brass
instruments and working through percussion, he finally settled on the guitar as his “voice”.  Marq-Paul has an Associates Degree in Applied Music from Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold Maryland.  After 24 years of playing various instruments, composing and producing music, incorporating electronic music production, Marq-Paul has developed a style that is uniquely his own yet familiar enough that a wide audience will enjoy it.

Marq-Paul recently relocated to Brevard, North Carolina where he is working on releasing new music and finding his in road to being a full time artist. Additionally he is currently crafting various music educational products and courses as well as documenting his journey in his new “Full Time Artist Blog”.


“Marq-Paul LaRose brings great guitar licks and positive energy to all of his musical endeavors!  It’s always a pleasure listening to his music or jamming with him in person. He’s pretty much the man!”
– Tobias Hurwitz, Zen Guitar Master

“Marq-Paul is a skillful guitar player/composer and a masterful technician of his craft. He is creative, energetic, and fun. A true joy to listen too. I expect Marq to be a clear leader and pioneer in the innovation of modern electric guitar playing.”
– Drew Davidsen, Guitarist

“In working with thousands of musicians and artists since 1997 as president of, I seldom come across one who is as passionate and as dedicated to their craft as Marq-Paul. Not only is he an incredible guitarist, he is an incredible person. His heart and his art are excellent!”
– Keith Mohr – President,